Japanese Dining

~ Japanese Kaiseki Dinner ~

Hakone is located near the ocean to the east and west.
We have fresh fish direct from the nearby fishing port.
Vegetables arrive from the well-know Tsukiji market in Tokyo.We serve seasonal food in Kaiseki style.
Based on sea food, let your palate and eyes feast on a delicious dinner
served on exquisite tableware.
We prepare the dishes in a way to let you savor the flavor itself.
We recommend rice cooked with abalone and home made "Japanese Soba" noodles.
Sure to satisfy your taste


Western Style Breakfast

~ Menu~Classical Egg Benedict
Homemade Yogurt (two types honey)
Green Salad
Cream soup of Broccoli and Fennel
Juice, Milk, Tea or Coffee

Classical egg benedict is topped with smoked bacon (smoked by cherry blossom tree chips in site). Homemade Hollandaise sauce, paprika and pickles. Enjoy homemade apple dressing or anchovy on your babyleaf green salad. Choose from tea or coffee. We highly recommend coffee, because the concierge roasts coffee beans at our ryokan. Guaranteed to satisfy your taste.

Please choose the breakfast place from 2 places.
*Western style breakfast at Main dining room, ?Salle a Manger Elevage?or your room.
Please choose the time between 8:30am, 9:00am or 9:30am.
In case of breakfast in your room, we start setting the table for your breakfast, 30 minutes before eating.
Please choose the time between 8:30am, 9:00am or 9:30am .

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~ Soba ~

Our Ryokan grows Japanese Soba in Yatsugatake in Nagano Prefecture. It is planted at the beginning of July, and harvested in November. Concierge makes soba, from 100% buckwheat flour also known as Juwari soba or Towari soba.

~ Sake ~

Our Ryokan proudly presents you with “天空 Tenku”. A Japanese sake, brewed carefully and slowly. We also have an array of jun-mai sake (organic sake), shochu and wine.

Japanese style course will be served at Main dining room (4th floor)
?Salle a Manger Elevage?.
Dinner starts at 6:00pm.